Racing the Edge by Mary Walsh

Moving home for the holidays was a smart move for Clara Wilson to get her career back on track. Then Ethan Miles, the man of her dreams, tumbled down a hill and into her arms. What was a girl to do but find out if the sexual tension between them was mutual or one-sided?

But would she have enough sense to get out of his arms when the holidays were over?
Clara Wilson has an itch—an itch she thought to dispel on her sixteenth birthday when she begged the handsome Ethan Miles for a kiss. The problem is that itch became an insistent, overwhelming need no amount of time can quell. Now, at twenty-six and living on her own in New York City as well as running a fashionable art gallery featuring her work, the itch is unbearable. What will she give up for one night with the man of her dreams? And will she be able to walk away in the morning?

Ethan Miles has made a point of avoiding Clara Wilson whenever their families get together, but there is no avoiding her when a chance encounter finds her underneath him and more than willing to stay there. Clara is gorgeous and intriguing, but they live very separate lives. He needs to focus on his career or his dream of owning his own racetrack might never happen. Can he find a way to take her out for just a test lap or will the ever-unpredictable Clara find a way to keep his engine running full time?

Release Date: June 30, 2015
Category: Fiction > Romance > Contemporary
Series: Chasing Dreams, Book 2
Keywords: Sports, NASCAR, auto racing, Daytona, racetrack, stock car racing, racing, car racing
ISBN: 978-1-62237-426-7
Heat Level: Sensual
Ebook Price: $2.99
Digital Download: EPUB, MOBI, PDF, LIT

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And They Lived Happily Ever After

...and they lived happily ever after. A modern fairy tales boxed set.

This boxed set includes six modern fairy tales by popular and bestselling romance authors. In this set you will find:

Red: A Seduction Tale by Maddie James (Little Red Riding Hood)
Sins of the Father by Janet Eaves (Sleeping Beauty)
Dixie White and the Seven Dates by Cat Shaffer (Snow White)
Just Right by Arlene Hittle (The Three Bears)
Death Sat Beside Her by Jennifer Anderson (Little Miss Muffet)
Playing the Piper by May Williams (The Pied Piper)

Release Date: May 28. 2015
Category: Fiction > Romance > Contemporary (modern fairy tale adaptations)
Format: Boxed Set/Anthology
ISBN: 978-1-62237-420-5

Ebook Price: $0.99
Digital Download: EPUB, PDF, MOBI, LIT

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Existence by Debbie Kump

The Elementals must unlock the secrets of the past to spare themselves from a new threat…or encounter their doom.

Fire Elemental, Jordan Smith, questions whom to trust as she faces her greatest struggle of all. She must forget the pain of the past and unite with her former foes to combat the imminent threat of the Fifth Elemental who intends to eradicate life on this planet. Together, Jordan and the team of Elementals must travel into history to unravel an ancient prophecy that could potentially spare them…or spell their doom. Unexpected events will challenge Jordan’s love in ways she never imagined in the exciting conclusion to The Elementals Trilogy.

Release date: May 21, 2015
Category: Fiction > Young Adult > Science Fiction/Fantasy
Series: The Elementals, Book Three
ISBN: 978-1-62237-419-9
Ebook Price: $2.99
Digital Download: EPUB, MOBI, LIT, PDF

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The Tender Bonds by Ute Carbone

Sometimes the end is a new beginning

There comes a moment when the past we left behind draws attention to itself and demands we come to terms with it. For Patty Dykstra, a woman who has long led an unassuming life, that moment comes after her aunt dies. Among a life’s worth of things, Patty finds unopened cards from her father, a man she hasn’t seen since she was six years old.

Patty is compelled to return to a small town in upstate New York to find the man who used to call her Star Shine, a man she barely remembers. The Tender Bonds is the story of Patty’s life-altering journey, of the faith and hope that grow in the meanest of places, and of what it means to be truly home.

Release date: May 21, 2015
Category: Fiction > Literary > Women's Fiction
ISBN: 978-1-62237-418-2
Ebook Price: $3.99
Digital Download:  EPUB, MOBI, LIT, PDF

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